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    Find your berth 24 hours a day

    Marinanow: Online booking that won't leave you in deep water

    Marinanow is a search engine that can help you find berths in marinas thoughout the mediterranean. Whenever you want and wherever you are, with Marinanow you can search online for berths, book directly from your smartphone or PC and pay without going through intermediaries and without additional costs.

    Book your boat

    Holidays on a boat: hop aboard Marinanow!

    Motorboats, sailboats, yachts and dinghies: whatever your dream holiday on the water is, Marinanow is ready to help you create it! Access a database of over 10 000 boats with photos, locations, prices and descriptions detailing all the services on board.

    Manage your marina or charter

    Make use of the most innovative management software!

    Are you looking for a cheap yet powerful management software for your marina or charter company? Do you want to give your customer the chance to book directly from your site? Exchange documents before they arrive in port? Manage payments, safely and securely? Marinanow has the product for you. Our cloud based management software allows you to manage every aspect of your company from your computer or mobile phone.

    Connect your company to travel agencies

    Increase your bookings with no extra cost!

    Marinanow has a portal dedicated to travel agents, hotels and luxury concierge services. By publicising your business on the Marinanow platform you automatically add your products to this portal and expose your products to the full booking power of this industry. If you are a travel agent, you can sign up for free for this service and start earning commissions from every sale.

    Discover related services

    Plan your visit without leaving your boat!

    What should you do once you've arrived in the marina? Marinanow is also a search engine for services relating to marina users: from mechanics to sail shops, from supermarkets and laundries to restaurants and beauticians, from tourist offices to nautical clubs and charters, that offer excursions, diving and sporting activities.

    Solutions for businesses

    For shop owners: we can put wind in your sails!

    As well as offering solutions for our clients, Marinanow is also the ideal partner for nautical clubs and societies that manage marinas or charters. Societies and private individuals who have boats to rent, can put them on Marinanow, define when they are available to rent, and advertise any additional services offered, all with clear rates or leaving the price on request.


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