• Corsica

    An "Ile de beauté" in the Mediterranean

    Immersed in the Mediterranean Sea, like an impregnable fortress, Corsica is a true miniature continent, whose extraordinary beauty lies in the incredible variety of landscapes that spread from coast to coast.

    Corsica, "often conquered, never subdued", is the custodian of a millennia of history and in the last centuries it was first Pisan, then Genoese and then lastly French since 1768. It is the southernmost territory of France, while enjoying a special Constitutional status. The official language is French but the real language, the one that unites this people around the strong nationalist feeling is without doubt Corse.

    Despite the fact that it has belonged to the French state for more than 200 years, the spirit of this land is very different from that of continental France: from customs to cuisine, from language to character. The locals feel that they are a race, separate from the French one, and their passionate characters will also involve you in intense evenings between food, wine and music.

    From a nature point of view, Corsica is always known as "Ile de beauté", the island of beauty, as the French call it. And how can they be wrong, suspended between sea and mountain this wonderful island offers you a wide range of options: in half an hour you can go from crystal clear bays, imposing coastal towns and white beaches to rocky cliffs, breathtaking valleys, forests and villages on the hills and on the water.

    Such a rich territory allows you to choose your ideal holiday: from hiking to canyoning, from relaxing on the beach to a pleasant boat cruise, enriched by walks in the beautiful cities full of history, culture and flavours.

    Corsica offers many routes that wind through its famous paths of which the most famous are certainly the two "Sea to Sea" trails (between sea and sea) crossing the island and the "Sea to Mountains" (sea and mountain) trails.

    The GR 20 is perhaps the best known and difficult one. The journey takes about 17 days and is particularly crowded in August, even if the best time to do this adventure is in the late Spring or Autumn. But equally well-known is the Sea and North Sea route: from Cargés to Moriani la Plage. Suggested time - 11 days. This trail intersects with that of the Sea and Mountain Trails.

    Most visitors arrive in Corsica in the summer months and especially in August, when all coastal resorts and ports are completely clogged with boats of all types and sizes. For this reason, if you would like to book your mooring for the summer period, Marinanow advises you to book well in advance and arrange your cruise in complete tranquillity.

    Through Marinanow you can book the most beautiful ports such as: Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Calvi, St Florant, Porto Vecchio, Macinaggio and many more! You can also charter your boat to enter the shores of this beautiful island and discover all its secrets.

    Reaching Corsica on board your own boat or chartering a sailboat or motor boat lets you enjoy your vacation to its fullest. By mooring in the ports, you can then take the opportunity to visit its coastal cities, admire the architecture and culture and plan your excursions.

    Corsicans are also famous for wine production as a tradition that was introduced to the island by the ancient Romans and makes Corsica the third biggest Mediterranean island for wine production after Sicily and Sardinia. During your stay, you can enjoy numerous types of wine with a fairly high alcohol content and intense and fruity flavors and among them the most famous is the Vermentino also called Malvoisie de Corse, which takes up more than 17% of the wine-growing area of the entire island between the North and South of the country: Bastia, Calvi, Porto-Vecchio and Sartene are the names of some of the most famous areas.

    As for the cuisine, there are many dishes to try, but we advise you not to miss out on the wide selection of local beers including "Colomba", "Pietra" or "Bière Torre" whose unique flavour you will not find elsewhere in France. They also produces their own version of Coca-Cola, another unique taste of this region.


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