• Dubrovnik

    The hidden city that reveals the heart of Croatia

    Streets paved in stone, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance palaces, perfect weather: Dubrovnik, in the extreme south of Croatia, is a lovely town and the amazing panoramas even made it a setting for the TV series Games of Thrones. Also known as Ragusa, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has been given the nickname "The Pearl of the Adriatic".

    It is among the most popular and most visited destinations in the region, thanks to how welcoming the city is to tourists who can expect quality services at affordable prices. They will also be able to sample excellent food, with Dubrovnik full of restaurants in which you can stop off after exploring the town including the most famous street, the Stradun, where you can admire the amazing buildings and the beautiful churches, such as the Cathedral of the Church of St. Blaise.

    Also worth visiting are the Rector's Palace, the Franciscan monastery and the famous Sponza square, from which you can easily reach the city's museums, galleries and souvenir shops.

    Overlooking the sea, the beaches are a short distance from the centre and in the summer they become the perfect place to spend a relaxing and fun evening. By day, swimming in the clear water is just one of many leisure activities available in the city, with beaches to suit all tastes: from those who love sand to those who prefer pebbles.

    The more adventurous can explore the area surrounding Dubrovnik, especially the islands making up the archipelago of the same name. Enjoy the natural wonders of Melada, or the pristine beaches of the Elaphiti islands or go to Cavtat, Mlini, Malfi and Molunat to try some of the Mediterranean dishes served in local restaurants.

    Various airlines from all over the world fly to Dubrovnik and it is also easily accessible by sea, with two ports accommodating every type of boat, including mega yachts and cruise ships.

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