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    The Venetian Lagoon

    Evocative atmosphere of the past and present

    Venice lagoon stretches into the Adriatic Sea and includes the beautiful city of Venice in the north-central area, the city of Chioggia in the south and the eastern end includes the small towns in the municipality of Cavallino-Treporti, along the coast of Cavallino. For lovers of the water, you can discover the lagoon by navigating the city of Murano, Burano and Torcello, up to St. Erasmus and St. Francis, from where you can admire Venice from a very special perspective.

    Both Venice and the lagoon, since 1987, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites: a place where there are traces of an ancient history, ranging from the houses on stilts to the greatest victories of “the Serenissima”. It is a magical atmosphere that you experience in Venice; a city that is reflected in the water and with every corner offering a new experience.

    The main waterway of the city is crossed by the Rialto Bridge, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Travelling over the various bridges, you can see the baroque treasures of Santa Maria della Salute and the Gallerie dell’Accademia, and after that discover the city’s treasure trove of modern and contemporary art, such as that inside the Punta della Dogana, or inside Palazzo Grassi or the avant-garde art on display at the Biennale.

    Venice Lagoon due to its geological structure is subject to big changes in its water level, and especially in the autumn and spring it is easy to see high water, which regularly floods the lowest islands, or low water, which can make the shallower channels hard to navigate. That's why the lagoon canals are marked by piles called bricole.

    In addition to the most well known lagoon circuits, our advice is to try and discover the most remote corners of the lagoon, with fishing villages where you can delight in the typical recipes of the Venetian maritime tradition, from the classic sardines in sauce to the risotto of gò or goby, a characteristic fish of the lagoon.


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