• Punat

    Relaxation and silence in Krk Island

    In the south west of the island of Krk, the largest Croatian island, you will find the beautiful town of Punat whose name comes from the Latin word Pons, meaning bridge. The bay is well sheltered, making it particularly popular with boating enthusiasts, who choose it for the beauty of the landscape and for the food and wine.

    Covered by Mediterranean vegetation, you will find many olive trees, which feature heavily in the local cuisine which is also rich in seafood that can be enjoyed in the restaurants overlooking the sea. Punat is only 8 km from the capital, the city of Krk, which can be reached easily both by sea and by land, passing through a corridor to dry stone walls, known as gromazzi, that surround the ancient olive groves.

    Punat, is in a deep bay called Puntarska Draga where you can also see the small island of Kosljun with its Franciscan monastery, that is easy to visit by boat from the port. A small town on a human scale, where you can recharge mind and body. The crystal clear sea is ideal for all types of water activities and makes for the ideal base for exploring the island.

    One of the most beautiful beaches in the area is Stara Baska, which is reached via a steep path in the hills. It is made up of a magnificent series of beautiful sandy coves and like in much of Croatia allows nudism. It is exposed to the bora wind from the land and the libecco from the sea. The old town is very pretty and you can stroll through it admiring its narrow streets, lined with small stone houses. There are also numerous sites to see including the Carmelite convent, the Holy Trinity Church, St. Peter, St. Andrew, St. George and the chapels of St. Nicholas and St. Rocco. You should also visit the Three Crosses which is the route along which during Easter they perform the Stations of the Cross.

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