• Trieste

    The sea overlooking Europe

    Art, historic cafes, traces of cultures that have made this the most Central European town of Italy and the beautiful sea: Trieste bewitches the atmosphere, and has always fascinated travellers who have been visiting it since time began. A "little Vienna on the sea" is perhaps the most recurring explanation, that expresses both the elegance of its neoclassical architecture combined with the charm of a seaside town.

    Exhibitions of antique dealers, shops and beautiful buildings tell a well-established maritime tradition that continues even today for all boating enthusiasts: from the Molo Audace to the old Lanterna sails pass by, with the background being provided by the romantic castle of Maximilian and Charlotte Habsburg, called the Miramare, which as the name suggests offers a splendid view.

    Located at the foot of the rocky Karst plateau, it is the sea that gives the town its life and makes it special, creeping right into the city, and influencing it with its waves. The people of Trieste have a special relationship with their most important “citizen”, and enjoy it all year long, hitting the coast and the many beaches, in local dialect called simply "bagni" or bathrooms.

    Behind the town, the karst promontory, caves, sinkholes and beautiful nature make this a unique city and one you should visit at least once in your life. The intense smell of the sea mixes with that of coffee, one of the products that has made Trieste famous since the 1700s, when thanks to the export of coffee beans as well as their local roasting put this port on the map. Coffee and reading go hand in hand and so Trieste also gave birth to famous literary cafes and clubs full of charm that attracted poets and writers like James Joyce, Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba. A trend that is continued even to the present day.


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