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    Villanova, Italy
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    Marco Carani Nautica "Yachting Service" 95
    Marco Carani Nautica "Yachting Service"

    Confortevoli e sicuri posti barca nelle acque del Porticciolo Turistico Di Villanova, all'interno del pacchetto "Full Service" comprendente: posto barca in acqua durante la stagione estiva, rimessaggio al coperto durante la stagione invernale, servizio di manutenzione e pulizia imbarcazione, varo ed alaggio imbarcazione, servizi di rifornimento acqua, alimentazione elettrica, vigilanza e assistenza all'ormeggio. La struttura è attrezzata per l'accesso e la fruibilità ai diversamente abili, con una rampa di accesso ed uno scivolo da e per il pontile e per il Porto stesso, sino alle imbarcazioni, ed il varo di una imbarcazione a motore dedicata alle escursioni di 3 disabili e dei loro accompagnatori. Abbiamo previsto anche i servizi per i nostri piccoli amici e cioè dotare di ciotole per l'acqua ed il cibo dei piccoli animali, noleggio di biciclette, arrelli a disposizione della clientela per il trasferimento a bordo del necessario per la barca.

    Boat slips available 30
    Max boat length 12




    24-hour security

    Berthing assistance

    Check-in after Flexible
    Check-out before Flexible
    Cancellation policy Non-refundable: The reservation is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled or changed.
    Terms & conditions
    1. no vessel and/or vessel can transit and/or moor concession area, if not in good standing with the Administration and without being in possession of regular contract of berth; 2. when mooring the vessel owners shall: provide responsible of "Marco Camejo Nautica" waves provide for registration for the purposes of law: a) documentation for the boat and/or motor apparatus; b) compulsory insurance policy; c) guarantee that the craft and equipment thereof comply with current standards; In addition, mooring in place that will be assigned by providing personnel of the concessionaire, the mooring ropes, shackles and springs to check its status and adequacy. 3. mooring operations assisted by the staff of the concessionaire are guaranteed only during the day from 8.30 am to 19.30. Any manoeuvres at different times, made directly by the owner, will raise the licensee from any resulting liability regarding transactions; 4. Any work and/or repair and/or restore requests from our staff will have to be agreed upon and authorized only by our Direction; 5. it is strictly forbidden to enter, unless previously authorized, external technical personnel working on boats moored and/or in transit at our landing place; 6. it is forbidden to vary the mooring area. Every boater should retain its berth allocated to them, except in cases of force majeure, as bad marine and weather conditions and/or our needs for transit of vessels with a tonnage greater than or different; 7. in order to prevent damage or injury is ' obliged to boats moored with outboard engine to keep your feet of the engines vertically (soaked in water); 8. The owner is obliged to provide sufficient and efficient boat fenders; 9. It is compulsory to proceed in stages of removal and/or approach to and from their moorings in slow motion and full range of safety; 10. Damage resulting from the use of the boats suffered from/to third parties will be negotiated directly by the parties, considering himself here accepted the waiver to recourse against the concessionaire; 11. Will be paid damages for events not attributable to us by animals or weather and sea conditions, connected to plastics or obstacles surfaced or submerged; 12. you shall not lease or sub lease your boat even if privately owned moored at our dock, for rental business or tourism promotion activities, or even occasionally charter; 13. For the recovery of the vessel, for damage to engines or for reasons not attributable to us, can also be managed by our staff with the charge of expenditure on fuel and utilities.

    Non-refundable: The reservation is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled or changed.

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