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    Traditional and experimental cuisine

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    09124, CA

    Phone 070.666714
    Email contact sapiolaristorante@gmail.com
    Website www.facebook.com/RistoranteSaPiola

    Business hours

    Monday: 12-16/19-24
    Tuesday: 12-16/19-24
    Wednesday: 12-16/19-24
    Thursday: 12-16/19-24
    Friday: 12-16/19-24
    Saturday: 12-16/19-24
    Sunday: 12-16/19-24


    To Start

    Porcini mushroom Carpaccio
    "Bue Rosso" beef tartar with capers from Selargius
Selection of salami with "Casizzolu di Santulussurgiu" (a Sardinian cheese)

    Tripe in tomato and mint sauce
"Bue Rosso" meatballs with white wine

    Pork and San Gavino saffron meatballs
Raw fish, prawns and scampi

    Porcini mushroom, vegetable and meatball fritters

    Vegetable, small fish, squid and prawn tempura

    Salad of baby octopuses with pearl barley
Celery skins with bottarga, walnuts, pear e sweet pecorino cheese
Iced Octopus in a balsamic reduction with potatoes
Carpaccio of "Bue Rosso" beef with rocket and pecorino cheese
Figs with coppa cheese and goat’s cheese

    Burrida of Pina (speciality of dogfish in walnut sauce) 

    Fried animelle of Bortigali (cow glands)




Su Casizzoru of Santu Lussurgio
Selection of cheeses and jams

    Roast pecorino with sapa di miele (a type of honey)
Fiore sardo of Ovodda
Goats cheese with wine of Cagnulari


    First course and soups

    Caserecci with freeranged chicken ragu

    Cockle soup 
Fibaus (pasta) with seafood

    Su Mazzamurru (bread and tomato soup)
Grouper and prawn ravioli

    Culurgiones (typical sardinian pasta) with artichokes or asparagus

    Ciccioneddas with meat and tomato sauce
Fregula with seafood sauce
Lorighittas with prawns, fresh tomatoes and basil
Maccaronis a ximiru with "Bue Rosso" ragu
Linguine with mussels and courgettes
Lasagnette with game ragù
Squid ink Linguine 
Ciccioneddas with seafood pest
    Spaghetti with Cannonau of Marina



Tiramisù with savoiardi di Dorgali

    Timball'e latti

    Apple Strudel from Barrali al Carasau
Budini al cioccolato

    Panna cotta with goats milk


    Ricotta cake with plums

    Main courses

    Boar stew

    Thinly cut "Bue Rosso" beef with artichokes

    Thinly cut pork "imbinadu"

    Braised beef al Cannonau
"Bue Rosso" stew

    Eggplants of nonna Pina stuffed with "Bue Rosso" beef
Fried egg
Filet of "Bue Rosso" beef

    Stuffed intestines Bortigali with peas

    Sheep "a succhittu" al Capichera bianco
Tagliata of "Bue Rosso" beef with rocket and pecorino cheese

    Tagliata of "Bue Rosso" beef with porcini mushrooms
Fiorentina of "Bue Rosso" beef

    Fish soup
Bosana Lobster

    Filet of fish of the day
Filet of fish of the day with potatoes and saffron

    Filet of fish of the day alla vernaccia
Filet of fish of the day with artichokes
Filet of fish of the day alla mediterranea


*Some of our products may be broken down at low temperatures

    *The team will let you know which ones

*A tasting menu is available on request

    Start info

    Started on 1 January, 1992


    Informal Environment, elegant tables and products of the highest level: in the restaurant Sa Piola in Cagliari you will be offered specialities from the sea and land tied to the Sardinian traditions. Enriched with elements from the agropastoral Sardinian culture, the room creates an elegant atmosphere rich with suggestions and in summer it is possible to dine alfresco in the enchanting side street at the base of the Castello district of Cagliari.

Giuseppe Vinci has learnt to recreate the cuisine of the island with a touch of freshness, whilst remaining faithful to the original principles that each dish must. This has allowed Sa Piola of Cagliari to win the Golden Snail of the Slow Food movement for two consecutive years thanks to the great quality and the value he gives to local produce.
The Ingredients are chosen with care to transform the dishes into fantastic and eclectic creations with particular care given to all raw dishes and the original taste of the product. Artisan pastas that respect the ancient traditions, super fresh main courses that can harmonise with the most demanding palate, homemade desserts and an excellent wine cellar that brings together the best labels of the region: at Cagliari’s Sa Piola restaurant everyday is an island of taste to discover.


    From the Markets

    the freshest ingredients

    following traditions 

    dance onto the chopping board
and jump in the frying pan 

    to give somersaults
to your palate.

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