• Fi Fò
    The love and the passion for a generous sea is the idea behind this unique restaurant

    Marinanow Discounts

    All those who book a boat or berth with marinanow will receive the following discounts:
    - 10% off the bill (drinks excluded)


    Via Sassari, 52
    09124, CA

    Phone 070 66 56 49
    Email contact info@fifofish.it
    Website www.fifofish.it


    A myriad of products all obviously based on the freshest fish!
    - Slices, filets and skewers
    - Deep Fried
    - Soups
    - Raw
    - Antipasti
    - Meal deals
    - Sides
    - Particular sauces
    - Salads
    - Fried fish served in a cone
    - Sandwiches
    - Desserts
    - Drinks

    Start info

    Started on 1 September, 2014


    Creative menu, able to combines tastes and preferences of all those who love quality fish.

    A voyage that starts in the heart of the Mediterranean, continues with the selection of the freshest fish and the kitchen of skilled hands and finishes on your plate:
    tasty, simple and healthy .

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