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    Relax. Have a seat. Concentrate on yourself. Drink. Breath. Eat and live well. Smile.

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    Piazza Costituzione, 20
    09124, CA

    Phone 070 7510019
    Email contact info@picoitaliancafe.it
    Website www.facebook.com/Picoitaliancafe

    Business hours

    Mon - Sat
    7.00 - 22.00


    - Breakfast
    - Buffet
    - Italian cuisine
    - Fish
    - Soul Food
    - Vegan
    - Vegetarian


    Picò Lunch Buffet
    Chef di Picò, prepares light and genuine dishes every day that are nutritionally balanced, respect the ingredients (frequently organic and km zero) with cooking at low temperatures, vacuumed, steamed, grated and roasted, to guarantee satisfaction for every palate.
    At Picò we can satisfy people who follow vegetarian or vegan diets, or the most particular diets, and for anyone that cares about what they eat, looking for only healthy food but always with variety, taste and quality without losing touch with the lifestyle that instead tends to be always more frenetic and quick, finding the best to eat in the shortest time.
    At lunch time at Picò you have the possibility the choose your dish, one of four shapes and prices, and add to it the freshest ingredients and the numerous dishes, shown at the Buffet and served by the same Chef who has cooked it for you.

    Each day at the Buffet you will find a carefully studied selection of dishes made from:
    Wholewheat cereals and typical sardinian pastas:
    (for example fregole, cous cous, Su zichi, farro pastas, Kamut pastas, Corn pastas, Venere rice, Basmati rice, Thai rice)
    - Vegetables:
    the meat of the wise (for example, beans, peas, chickpeas, broadbean, lentils, soya, lupin, peanuts)
    - Blue fish:
    (for example, sardines, herrings, anchovies, mackerel)
    - Spineless seafood:
    (for example octopus and squid)
    - White meat
    (for example, chicken, turkey and rabbit)
    - eggs
    (free range and if possible organic)
    - Leafy vegetables
    (fresh and seasonal and if possible organic for example, rocket, endives, Iamb lettuce)
    - Steamed vegetables
    (fresh and seasonal and if possible organic for example cauliflower, broccoli, fennel, carrots, potatoes)
    - Fruits
    (for example tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and marrows)
    - Fruit
    (fresh and seasonal for example apples, pears, melons, pineapples)
    - dry skinless fruits
    (for example walnuts, almonds, pistacchio, pinenuts)
    - Seets
    (for example creamy dishes, soft dishes, crunchy dishes)

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    Started on 1 January, 2015


    Picò Day & Night
    A relaxing corner in the heart of Cagliari, under the city wall, above via Roma and the lively port and at the centre of the main commercial streets.
    A place that listens, feels, and, during the day, as the light and atmosphere change, has a reply to all your questions: for breakfast, for lunch, to spice up your day, for meeting up with people or remeeting people, until dinner time and beyond.
    An elegant environment but a human scale, that welcomes you with a large bar that shows off a range of original and customisable pastries ideal for coffee, and later with a glassed off buffet area that shows the dishes for lunch and aperitivo. it also offers comfortable seating both inside and outside in the piazza at the foot of the bastione Saint Remy.
    At Picò you can realise your every desire and it is possibile create your own special occasions.
    In every situation Picò knows how to be the perfect host offering comfort and relaxation but at the same time stimulating all your senses.

    At Picò you can enjoy the magnificent panorama: by day the luminous blue sky against the marble walls of the Bastioni, by night the lights of the piazza and the windows illuminate the beauty and the magic of this part of the city.

    Each hour at Picò has it's own perfume: coffee and the oven in the morning, the fresh smells from the market and cooking at midday, the fragrant prized teas and hot chocolate in the afternoon, and at night, when the sense of smell is the first to alert you to the change of atmosphere, you'll notice te delicate perfume of candles and the hint of the fun night ahead.

    The various dishes of Chef di Picò, in the arc of a day or week will satisfy every palate.
    All though the morning, fresh warm pastries are prepared allowing you to choose between various dishes including ones filled with jams, creams, chocolate and dried fruit.
    In the middle of the day you have the possibility to pick you own plate and fill it with the freshest organic ingredients picking from the numerous dishes including vegetarian ones, all light, genuine and nutritionally balanced.
    At night, nothing is left to chance: the Bartenders of Picò propose an elegant and dynamic list of Cocktails & International Drinks, that combine professionalism and creativity, accompanied with delicious surprises, all served by candle light with an original and elegant design to lighten the end of your day.

    At Picò you hear the music and you breath it, without ever being invasive and at the weekend, the evening becomes the push that characterises your original event or provide the base of your special occasion.

    At Picò you will feel cradled by all the attention that you receive. You'll be touched by the desire to get to know you, to understand you and to serve you, the desire to create a context dedicated to tranquility, where you can concentrate on yourself, put your feet up, slow down and relax.

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