• Enò Ristorante Vineria
    Food, wine, art, culture, communication

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    Vico Carlo Felice 10/12
    09124, CA

    Phone 070 6848243
    Email contact info@enorestaurant.it
    Website www.enorestaurant.it


    The menu

    Respect for tradition, love of fine food and a passion for wine and hospitality. The menu comes from the knowledge of how to use local and seasonal ingredients, from which our young chef blends tradition and creativity. For the lovers of wine we have a wine list with over 200 different wines from all over Italy. All our wines can also be ordered by the glass.

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    Started on 1 January, 2007


    A place where you can eat and drink, where you can cultivate your passions, where you can meet, listen, discuss and observe...

    The ideal place for lunch or dinner, a unique place where you can meet up for an aperitivo, a coffe, a drink of a little snack ... maybe even for a photo show, for a reading, for an art exhibition, a meeting a talk from a producer of wine or an expert in food, wine or communication.

    At Enò it is possible to choose between hundreds of gastronomic delights paired with a rich wine list with over 200 marks from all over Italy.

    The place
    Respect for tradition, love of good food, passion for wine and a knack for hospitality...
    We like to think that our clients are above all our special guests. This is why at Enò you will find the perfect balance between privacy and informality...

    The building is on two levels, with a large restaurant on the lower floor. Exposed bricks, a generous use of wood and natural stone, colours that vary from ochre to bordeaux, original prints on the wall, warm lighting, soft music and a welcoming environment that brings back memories of the ancient trattorias. half way between a typical italian bar and a modern structure... this is Enò.

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