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    The fastest and easiest way to moor in any marina or harbour in the Mediterranean

    If you are planning your boating holiday, or if you find yourself at sea and need to book a last minute berth, let Marinanow help you out.

    Marinanow completely changes the traditional system of booking a berth by creating a unique online booking portal, connected to all the marinas in the Mediterranean, from the largest and most prestigious to the smaller and harder to contact ones.

    Marinanow shows real-time price comparisons and offers alternatives when there is limited availability while facilitating easy price negotiation and immediate payment.

    As well as via PC, Marinanow is also a free smartphone app available to download on iOS and Android so it can be used even on the move.

    To search for a berth, simply type the desired location into the search engine, provide the dimensions of your boat and the dates of check-in and check-out, and we’ll give you a list of all the nearby available marinas. Once the right marina has been selected, you can read all about the services on offer, whether electricity supply, mooring assistance, wi-fi, bunkering and so on or information about activities near the marina

    For a personalized quote, simply fill out the form on the page of the selected marina.

    When looking for a mooring, Marinanow is your safe haven!

    Fast ​searches, the widest possible choice, instant booking, and all without having to pay intermediaries.

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